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cabinet de médecine chinoise


TCM is a health practice complementary to western medicine. 

TCM treatments do not replace medical consults. 

In case of emergency, please contact a Medical Doctor


Session: 70 €

Cycle of 3 sessions : 180 €

* Valid 6 month after 1st session of the cycle 

Students under 26 years: 60 €

Payement accepted: cash, credit card, or french check. 

Course of a session

The 1st session starts with a full intake related to your health history, followed by pulse and tongue observation. This allows to establish an assessment according to the fundamentals principles of TCM. 

The treatment techniques and modalities are chosen depending on your condition.

After the first session I will suggest a treatment plan. 

The number and frequency of treatments suggested depend also on your condition. 

TCM techniques

Acupuncture points, Tui Na and Shiatsu massage, cupping. 

Other TCM modalities

Nutrition, micro-nutrition, and phytoterapy counseling

About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Organistions in France

References in US

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